Saturday Night is Alright for Writing

When life thwarts your plans to head down to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, simply rest and use the rest of Saturday to do other stuff. While my place has pockets of chaos, I am now one less coffee table thanks to my brother heading down to bundle the thing up to take my parent’s place.  Yesterday, I found myself on my balcony with a cup of tea as I tapped away on a long overdue post for a film made in 1967.  Look for that post this Thursday.

The video I posted from Ira Glass lit another fire to commit bum to seat and write.  Fighting the inner censor I nicknamed ‘Debbie Downer’, I went to my laptop with one simple goal:  Just Do It.  In between doing it, I went to two Twitter feeds to find out about Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I wanted to know will I see this movie six or nine time depending on how well Joss Whedone directs his sequel.  From what I heard about the the footage shown at Comic Con, something tells me the latter.  The sequence did not start with a whiz-bang battle.  This is Joss Whedon and his sequences begin with banter, and in this case who can lift Thor’s hammer.  I know they’re fictional characters, but one cannot help shake a head at the quixotic goal to lift Molnir.  One Avenger proved himself just worthy enough to nudge it just a little.  Guess who.


Meanwhile back on a non-Marvel Cinematic Universe,  Winnipeg went from sunny and humid to cloudy and damp.  I put a sweater on and spend most of my time in this little piece of sanity:


It’s two chairs and a table, but after a work day it turns into a refuge as I always intended. I sit outside to read, to write in my journal, and now to tap away at my laptop.  The rest of the place can wait for a bit since I get a little tired of seeing clutter.

It turns out the second week back from work proves harder than the first.  I went out nearly every night not allowing myself enough time to readjust my sleep schedule.  I had a good reason-V was in town.  She rode in her shiny, blue Toyota for a brief visit with her family.  We ate take out from the Olive Garden as we talked and shared possible smart phone notification sounds.

Between getting readjusted back to work, I did one more thing that looks minor to clear the clutter out of my life.  I closed down my profile. After either getting no response from guys I found interesting, getting winks and emails from not only guys I don’t find interesting, but can’t articulate even at a twelfth grade level, I just said enough.  I congratulated someone on Facebook on her recent engagement. Once it would arouse envy, now I wish her joy and pick up with my life.

Saturday night usually brought shame as other women went on dates while I stayed home.  At some point a person has to say ‘enough is enough’, not pick a guy for the sake of not looking out-of-place.  I would rather be picky than miserable with someone I didn’t love.  After spending a summer rehabbing from an injury, I finally stopped long enough to try to answer the age-old question:

What do I want to do?

Still trying to find that answer, but Saturday night is alright for writing everything will be alright. (Apologies to Sir Elton.)

Sometimes WordPress staff either write a post, or post something, I didn’t know I needed until that moment.  It’s like my new coffee table.  When I went to La-Z-Boy, it’s to help a friend find a couch.  I spied a coffee table with a propped up top, suddenly the reason for shoving my glass top one to the corner became clear.  While I thrash around to get my creativity back, the right word, at the write time, calms me down enough to focus my attention.

I hope it does the same for you.

New Book Kudos!


In the Wood received some kudos from KC Oliver. KC came back to Off the Wall, and it’s like she never left. Looking forward to swapping works in progress with her. :)

Originally posted on KC Oliver - Writely so...:

After a stretch of anti-social-media-ness, I recently reconnected with some of my favorite peeps from the writer’s group, Off the Wall. I’m so excited and want to wish my friends congrats! on their recent publishing venture! They published an anthology called, In the Woods, and it contains stories, case reports, poetry, photo essays, and more on the elusive Sasquatch.

If you are looking for a fun book, look no further; these writers rawk!! =)

In the Woods

(Appearing in the photo left to right, Chris Rutkowski, Evelyn Woodward, Susan Rocan, Fatima DeMelo. Missing; Cas Courcelles and Russell Corbett. And in Susan’s arms is the team mascot)

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Getting the Angle Right

Blogging U takes a new turn as I go from the basics to diving deeper on form and content. No homework yet, but the first entry discusses looking at a topic from another angle. Then it dawned on my writing had blinders on.

On the surface, something looks impossible. In the Woods taught me to take something, like a Sasquatch short story, and turn it slightly to find my way in. It’s half the fun of our anthology as we took a theme, and added our own angle. Have we solved the mystery of Sasquatch? No. Have we tried our own angle. Yes.

It lead me to another angle to blogging. Right now I am on a moving bus. My thumbs feel better practiced on the cell phone keyboard. It lead me to try another angle and make up for a Blogging 101 assignment I couldn’t do during the malfunctioning laptop incident.

Blog by transit. Put the blinders down to see the city I live in.



Unfortunately, my little experiment didn’t allow me to upload the post.  At least it’s a start.


In The Woods has launched!


Here’s Susan Rocan’s summary of Off The Wall’s book launch of In the Woods. This is what taking one’s time looks like.  ;) Susan also published two young adult novels set in Canada’s past.  Check them out on her website with a chapter sample from Withershins.

Originally posted on mywithershins:

Yesterday, my writers group and I launched our third anthology. The first was called Sex Death and Grain Elevators, because any story told about the Canadian prairies supposedly needed all three ingredients. The second was called, Where In The World Is Carmen Manitoba? which contained stories about aliens and UFOs because in the ’70s the town of Carmen was the home of Charlie Red Star, a strange red light that traveled the highway into town, attracting UFO hunters from all over the continent.

Off The Wall presents In The Woods is the title of our latest collection of fiction, poetry, actual sighting reports and photos of the elusive Sasquatch. The book was self-published using the Espresso Machine at McNally Robinson Booksellers. The Espresso Machine is a wonderful new invention that creates a book for you in about five minutes, right before your eyes! The machine, located right inside the…

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The laptop has returned, cleaned of the Malware stuck in its recesses.  It goes to show people even the most careful out in the net will catch something.  It’s almost like the techno-version of the common cold.  Now to catch up on the to-list of posts for this blog.




In the Woods Launch Recap

Normally I recap other people’s book launches.  I remember Chadwick Ginther‘s two book launches for Thunder Road and Tombstone Blues, marveling at how collected he looked at the event. I felt like a jangle of nerves, despite assurances from my group it’s friends and family.  Among the group are two people (Susan and Chris) experienced in book launches, while two more (Cas and Evelyn) already self-published their own books. I have no idea about Russell, but he must be published in academic journals.   I felt like a rookie, and reminded myself even the most established writers never get used to these events.

After writing, photographing, formatting, and printing In The Woods launched today in the atrium at McNally Robinson.  We had large windows showing the monsoon forming outside while we teased short stories of encounters with Sasquatch.  We had two write ups leading up to the event:


  • Bob Armstrong’s short write-up in The Winnipeg Free Press on June 28th 
  • Another article from a newly discovered website called Winnipeg is Nerdy.
    Side Note:  It’s a cool site for local nerdy happenings in Winnipeg, which I bookmarked quickly for future events.

People can buy In the Woods from McNally Robinson Booksellers in either store, or online.  The book retails for $18.95 CDN, and I will set up a page in the next few days devoted to the book, plus links to blogs/Twitter for members of the Off the Wall writer’s group.

Stay tuned…


I Had 99 Updates and They All Caused Problems


Today I couldn’t run a virus scan. Usually when that happens, a  machine needs updating.  No surprise the recent reset meant updates-99 of them to be exact.

I dutifully did them, then upon restart it gave me the above message.  In fact I did turn off my computer.  It went back to what it did before. I wasted my day on this machine. 

The next step will have to wait. My nephew graduates,  and as long as I have thumbs, I can figure out another way.

The Not-So-Terrible, Definately-Not-Horrible, Just Inconvenient Day With Technology

I have to admit the signs popped up as stupid ads offering me surveys and ways to fix my slow PC.  I have no idea how it happened, but it did.  Even the guy from Geek Squad says it happens as he had problems with his own computer.  To make a long story short, I had some malware causing all my browsers to disappear once I uninstalled them from my computer.  The only way to fix the problem involved refreshing the PC without effecting my files.  It’s one step short of re-installing windows, and many steps removed from my to-do list.

It seems technology wanted to take a bit of a day off that day.

Everything needing recharging at once.  My Blu-Ray rental from Red Box has to go back.  I felt in the mood for Thor:  The Dark World, and went back for the DVD edition.  I decided to watch my movie after dealing with a few screw ups.  Even Tumblr, the website of choice for people in need of a pick me up, seemed to act strangely.  Last night marked Richard Armitage’s return to the stage in The Crucible.  If I can’t be there, I want to know how it went.  Unfortunately, Tumblr’s clock-work updating went frozenI went to Twitter to find the tidbits, and discovered Tumblr crashed.  Well done, I thought as the positive reviews poured in.  It’s one thing to hear from the fans, it’s quite another to hear from theatre attendees.

The whole incident also delayed my post for the 1967 movie blogathon.  Right now I re-installed iTunes and need to get my purchases back.  I bought the Hamlet audio narrated by you-know-who, but didn’t get the chance to put it on my iPod.  In the overall scheme of things, it’s a first world problem.